27 Floors Above Mong Kok

By Rob Pointon

27 Floors Above Mong Kok

The Mong Kok apartment couldn’t have been better. We were on the 27th floor with a glass corner window that gave a spectacular panorama of the whole of Kowloon with glimpses of Hong Kong Central Island in the distance.

The view was beyond breathtaking. There was so much interest, activity, distance and weather visible through the glass, it could captivate my attention for hours. From up here we could spy rooftop gardens and washing drying, circling birds of prey and night time laser displays from Hong Kong Central.

Thoughts of Claude Monet’s rented accommodation overlooking Rouen Cathedral came to mind, and how a single view proved to be enough stimulation for 5 weeks of intensive work across 15 canvases, resulting in one of his most iconic and popular bodies of work.

The landscape proved a challenging space to represent, panning over 180° whilst trying to give an overall pull to a vanishing point below to communicate the dramatic height. The haze of Hong Kong was really apparent from here and led to some enjoyable painting of atmospheric perspective.


A book featuring this work can be purchased at our Picture Library

Painting detail

  • Oil on Canvas Board, 2015
  • Framed
  • Signed
  • 36" x 48"
  • Private Collection
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