Oil Painting 32 – Captain Karen

By Rob Pointon

Captain Karen

Of course this is a joke title and in no means reflects the true captain of our mighty vessel. Karen was privileged enough to be given temporary control whilst on a very straight section of The Birmingham Main Line and later the Tame Valley Canal in order for me to produce this sketch.

I want this project to have a real human element and am aware of how there seems to be plenty of imagery of wide angle scenes taking in the new scenery we find ourselves in although not much of the individual character side of boating. I am sure this next winter, when I shall retreat more indoors will release some enjoyable studies of our wood burning stove in action and still life’s and interior boat scenes.

I can already see in my head a piece entitled ‘Karen the galley slave’ with atmospheric steam rising from the pans on the stove!

Painting detail

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