The Belly of Central

By Rob Pointon

The Belly of Central

Time was fast departing, the month drawing to a close, leaving the opportunity to record one last painting. I settled on the Belly of Central as an attempt to capture the wealthy, glossy side of Hong Kong. Primarily it is a study of the sheer height of the central business district and the search for a patch of sky from street level.


It is rare that any landscape painter will include legible text or brand names as they can easily ruin a piece, however I felt the ‘BVLGARI’ billboard was an important addition. The brand, coupled with a fashionable set of eyes, judging us mere mortals from up high as we squirm amongst the traffic fumes, was an important comment on the experience of this area. Rolex watches scoffed at me as I walked past their minimal window displays. The Armani mannequins did not acknowledge me as one of their own.


This was not a comfortable piece to paint. Constantly requiring me to look up and around gave neck ache and the clicking of the crossing to assist the blind added to the Pac-Man headache…

Or maybe I’m tired…

I think all these grumbles and aches are more a sign of painter fatigue rather than any fault of the locations. This painting had the last of my energy although it is among the most successful of the trip.

Back to Blighty to regroup and prepare for the next adventure.

Now where else can you fly to from Manchester?

A book featuring this work can be purchased at our Picture Library

Painting detail

  • Oil on Canvas, 2015
  • Framed
  • Signed
  • 90cm x 60cm
  • Sold
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