Oil Painting 22 – The Diamond Jubilee River Pageant

By Rob Pointon

The Diamond Jubilee River Pageant

When I heard 6 months ago that a flotilla of 1000 craft was due to sail down the Thames to mark The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, I knew one way or another I would have to get there and paint this historic occasion as a centre piece for the ‘Year of the Boat’ project.

I was fortunate to find a location where I could complete the piece elevated on a brick platform in front of a crowd in a similar position to the vantage point of Canaletto’s painting The River Thames with St Paul’s Cathedral on Lord Mayors Day. Canaletto recorded with this staggering piece, the last time 1000 boats were on a pageant on the Thames in 1756. The National Maritime Museum are using this piece as the lead image for their exhibition celebrating the diamond jubilee ‘Royal River’

Painting detail

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