Oil Painting 28 – The Salon and Marble Hall at Weston

By Rob Pointon

The Salon and Marble Hall at Weston

When moored at the beautiful village of Wheaton Aston and then Stretton Aqueduct, I thought I would revisit the fascinating interiors of the House at Weston with Oil Painting 28 – The Salon and Marble Hall. It was ideal indoor subject matter with the dismal weather continuing, but more than that I really enjoyed an unusual depiction of space interpreting a chequered floor. Along with looking down railway lines and telegraph poles a chequered floor is in art history, a much-used device for illustrating space and perspective. MC Escher often played his visual illusion games using chequered flooring. The study of Escher’s perspective treatment formed part of my wide angle dissertation study during my Fine Art BA Hons. The stark contrast of black and white patterned squares allow immediate interpretation of the plane in space you are trying to depict, and as we have become so familiar with them, they can facilate and bring a normality to quite complex spacial representations. I have waved the horizon in the piece to draw attention to looking down at the tiles on the right hand side and looking up at skylight in the salon on the left.

Painting detail

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