Oil Painting 30 – Wolverhampton Viaduct

By Rob Pointon

Wolverhampton Viaduct

It is a noticeable feature of this year how our feelings are effected by having the ability to engage and disengage with mainstream society. You see very little advertising on the canals living without television, in an era when we are bombarded normally, but then reentering a built up area, especially such a warren of disorientating canals as Birmingham, makes you doubly apprehensive about mooring up all our possessions in an unknown area. The constant complicated logistics of this trip we’re taking their toll at this point. The act of getting the paints out to paint this Oil Painting 30 – Wolverhampton Viaduct really helped in taking some form of ownership over the landscape we now find ourselves in.

I had noticed this scene on the way up the lock flight and was fascinated with the angled spiralled brickwork underneath the railway viaduct as it compensates for the old canal passing through at an angle other than 90 degrees. It reminded me of the spinning ghost train tunnel at Alton Towers and got me thinking about how this angled approach is a much more effective way of representing the planes of a tunnel.

Painting detail

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