Oil Painting 43 – Worcester Cathedral

By Rob Pointon

Worcester Cathedral Exterior

Nearly a thousand years old it still has the intimidating, awe-inspiring affect its’ architects would have wished, and there is something utterly timeless about mooring up our floating home within ear shot of the bells tolling each hour.

We were having some rare and much appreciated sunshine and the tracking light source picking out the decorative stonework was unveiling some glorious unexpected colour combinations.

Thoughts of Monet’s Rouen Cathedral work and having the time to spend long periods of time with a constant subject is having appeal at this point in the midst of this stop start journey around the country, seeing so much but having limited time and feeling the pressure to keep moving.

This piece, and producing it alongside the entrance was also consciously a demonstration piece to the management team of the Cathedral to try and gain access to paint the spectacular interior…

Painting detail

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