Oil Painting 44 – Worcester Cathedral Interior

By Rob Pointon

Worcester Cathedral Interior

This interior space is beyond breathtaking, the height, space and unquestionable beauty surround you. The colours change fabulously throughout the day as the sun comes and goes through the different stained glass, highlighting the green and golds of the naked cotswold stone. I knew instantly this subject would lend itself to my approach and I could produce an individual take with challenging perspectives, gestural brushstrokes whipping the eye around to reflect the enormity and strength of the pillars, and draw out and exaggerate some of the colour subtleties within the stonework in the changing light. Because there was just so much to go at visually I ended up attempting to contain as much as possible by standing in the central cross of the building in a position where by swinging around I could view down the Nave, both transepts and down towards the Lady Chapel, basically a panorama just short of 360 degrees catching the north, east, south and western stained glass windows in one image.

Painting detail

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