Friday, October 23 – Friday, November 6, 2020 - Preview : ONLINE ONLY 7:30pm on Friday, October 23, 2020

Contemporary Six, 37 Princess Street, Manchester, M2 4FN
Contact: 0161 835 2666

A solo exhibition of new paintings by Rob Pointon ROI

Friday, October 23 – Friday, November 6 2020

Preview: ONLINE ONLY 7:30pm on Friday, October 23, 2020

Exhibition in the Gallery opens to public on Saturday, October 24, 2020

Contemporary Six is thrilled to present a new body of work by Gallery-artist Rob Pointon. The artist’s long-awaited first solo exhibition at the Gallery, An Unprecedented Year features 25 original oil paintings from the artist, all painted amid an extraordinary twelve months.

The life of a painter never stops. And for the past year, Rob Pointon has spent his time capturing a zeitgeist that has left nobody unaffected — touching everything from the economy, to family life, to the way we interact. Always painting on-location, the artist is uniquely positioned to observe the changing environment; and this year, that change has been seismic. Pointon has become one of the country’s most exciting and promising living painters, and this show marks a pivotal moment in his impressive career. At the vanguard of plein air, he has turned his refined eye to the truly universal subject: now. An Unprecedented Year is an exhibition grounded in real life: the streets of the city, both inhabited and sparse; the now antiquated sight of crowds; the significance of quiet spaces, cultural sites, and art galleries. And yet it is Rob Pointon’s vivid and sometimes experimental style that elevates real life to a place of extraordinary beauty.

Born in Stoke-on-Trent in 1982, Pointon learned to paint under the watchful eye of his artist grandmother. “What I aspire to achieve with my artwork,” says Pointon, “is for each mark to be a direct experience that others can identify with. I push myself to make that shared experience as immersive and engaging as possible, picking scenes alive with movement. I paint amongst the action”.

Pointon’s paintings are enjoyed with slow looking, changing over time as the eye picks out a new detail. He reconciles multiple-point perspective and an impressionistic truthfulness to the subject — all with a fluidity of brushwork that makes the paintings shimmer. Whether crowds or still waterways, his works have a language of multitudes — of layered brushstrokes, of angles and vantage points, of the slightest variances in colour. Possessing the rare ability to adapt his style to suit his subject, Pointon’s paintings of commuters and busy streets reference the dramatic exaggerations of the Vorticists, just as his Venitian sunsets embrace the gestural French Impressionists, and the deftness of John Singer Sargent. His popular Manchester cityscapes evoke the atmosphere of Valette, and yet Pointon is a distinctly contemporary painter, adding to this procession of art historical movements the animation of contemporary life in Britain. Pointon’s reputation has flourished in recent years: in 2020, he was awarded full membership of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters. Between 2016–19, he was the international artist-in-residence for Manchester Airport, travelling and rendering the world in paint. He has also exhibited widely in the New English Art Club and Royal Institute of Oil Painters exhibitions, and in 2019, his paintings shone in The Northern Boys exhibition at Contemporary Six. “The City of Manchester,” says Pointon, “has become my regular office, my early commute, my daily grind. The city’s symbol of a worker bee resonates. These streets are my painting gymnasium and this show reflects my battle with urban life over a volatile year.”

Contemporary Six,
37 Princess Street,
M2 4FN
0161 835 2666

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