Portraits in Clay

06 September 2018 - 19 October 2018

Portraits in Clay: ceramics and the people behind the pots is a collaborative exhibition of both painting and ceramic artists aimed at showcasing the creative journey of ceramics.

Date: 6th September – 19th October 2018
Private Viewing: Wednesday 5th September

The artists that will be exhibiting include:

~ Rob Pointon – Painting ~
Local artist Rob utilises multiple-point perspective which enables him within his paintings to firmly locate the viewer within the scene. He paints solely on location, without a prescribed image that would stagnate the final result. Rob works standing at full arms length of the easel which allows expressive, fluid brushwork. Observing a scene for several days highlights the transient life of a location, resulting in an animated final image.

~ Alex Shimwell – Ceramics ~
Alex who is now based in Sheffield has been working on the wheel in both porcelain and stoneware for many years. He takes his inspiration from the materials and glazes, how they interact and can be utilised to better display these properties upon, of and within the form.

Alex’s goal with each piece is to create something that is beautiful and calm. He does not use decoration in the form of surface pattern or motif preferring to experiment with texture, or changing materials or firing style to see how they enhance and communicate as a cohesive piece.

~ Richard Heeley – Ceramics ~
A full time professional potter, Clay College teacher and selected member of the Craft Potters Association Richard specialising in thrown porcelain decorated in cobalt blue pigments. He exhibits at most of the major ceramics events around the UK and his work is regularly shown in galleries and exhibitions around the country. Richard also exhibits internationally and has had shows in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and America.

~ James Hake – Ceramics ~
Taking inspiration from Oriental ceramics, James has developed a palette of his own glazes. These range from subtle Shinos, to rich, dark Tenmokus and Copper Reds. Glazes are applied quickly by dipping and pouring in different combinations, which fuse together in the heat of the kiln. James is always adapting and experimenting with glaze, searching for different colours and textures to complement ceramic form. He is currently investigating using local materials from quarries, clay seams and wood ashes in my glazes.

LoveClay, Valentine Way, ST4 2FJ, Stoke-on-Trent

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